Rubber Sections Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT 1600

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  1. Accelerator Pedal Cover (High Pedals Model)
    Now Only €37.80 Regular Price €42.00
  2. Accelerator Pedal Cover (Low Pedals Model)
    Now Only €37.80 Regular Price €42.00
  3. Accelerator Pedal Dust Protection
    Now Only €24.30 Regular Price €27.00
  4. Around Doors Central Gaskets
    Now Only €18.90 Regular Price €21.00
  5. Around Doors Front Higher Angle Gaskets
    Now Only €14.40 Regular Price €16.00
  6. Boccola attacchi bracci longitudinali sospensioni posteriori
    Now Only €10.82 Regular Price €12.02
  7. Boccola attacco anteriore tubo di scarico
    Now Only €3.62 Regular Price €4.02
  8. Boccola biellette barra stabilizzatrice sospensioni anteriori
    Now Only €2.72 Regular Price €3.02
  9. Boccola bracci oscillanti sospensioni anteriori
    Now Only €15.32 Regular Price €17.02
  10. Boccola bracci oscillanti superiori sospensioni anteriori
    Now Only €5.06 Regular Price €5.62
  11. Boccola sostegno scatola presa aria
    Now Only €2.99 Regular Price €3.32
  12. Boccola supporto cambio
    Now Only €14.42 Regular Price €16.02
  13. Boccola supporto pedali freno e frizione
    Now Only €2.73 Regular Price €3.03
  14. Bonnet Dowels
    Now Only €6.30 Regular Price €7.00
  15. Bonnet Dowels
    Now Only €6.36 Regular Price €7.07
  16. Bonnet Fairlead Grommet
    Now Only €2.70 Regular Price €3.00
  17. Bonnet Hinge-Joint Dowels
    Now Only €16.20 Regular Price €18.00
  18. Bottonhole In Rubber For Carpet (4 pcs)
    Now Only €22.50 Regular Price €25.00
  19. Bumper Bosses Rubber Profile (1750)
    Now Only €9.00 Regular Price €10.00
  20. Bumpers Guards (1750-2000)
    Now Only €47.70 Regular Price €53.00
  21. Bushing Pulling Accelerator
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  22. Bushings Support Torsion Bar (2 pcs)
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  23. Carburetor And Filter Air Tube
    Now Only €49.50 Regular Price €55.00
  24. Clutch And Brake Pedals Covers
    Now Only €10.83 Regular Price €12.03
  25. Clutch And Brake Support Pedals Gaskets (High Pedals Model)
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  26. Cowling Tank Filler
    Now Only €57.60 Regular Price €64.00
  27. Cowlings Steering Heads Pulling
    Now Only €45.00 Regular Price €50.00
  28. Crankcase Lever Middle Rubber Cowling
    Now Only €64.80 Regular Price €72.00
  29. Cuffie porta lampada fanali posteriori - Modello GT 1750 1^ Serie
    Now Only €26.10 Regular Price €29.00
  30. Damper Fixing Rings
    Now Only €48.60 Regular Price €54.00
  31. Dampers Cowlings (4 pcs)
    Now Only €72.00 Regular Price €80.00
  32. Doors Dowels
    Now Only €14.40 Regular Price €16.00
  33. Doors Handles Rubber Seals
    Now Only €18.90 Regular Price €21.00
  34. Doors Holes Plugs (4 pcs)
    Now Only €8.10 Regular Price €9.00
  35. Electric Wire Grommet (1st Series)
    Now Only €8.10 Regular Price €9.00
  36. Engine Compartment Cap
    Now Only €8.10 Regular Price €9.00
  37. Engine Compartment Front Gasket (GT Scalino)
    Now Only €14.40 Regular Price €16.00
  38. Engine Compartment Gasket
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  39. External Doors Trims And Spoiler Windows Gaskets
    Now Only €12.60 Regular Price €14.00
  40. External Mirror Rubber Seal
    Now Only €8.10 Regular Price €9.00
  41. Fairlead Grommet Starter Handle Accelerator
    Now Only €11.70 Regular Price €13.00
  42. FISPA Gasoline Filter Gasket
    Now Only €8.10 Regular Price €9.00
  43. Fork Clutch Cowling Protection (Low Pedal Model)
    Now Only €37.80 Regular Price €42.00
  44. Front Lower Dampers Bushings (2 pcs)
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  45. Front Rubber Angles Close to Vent Windows
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  46. Front Suspension Dowels
    Now Only €36.00 Regular Price €40.00
  47. Front Suspension Rubber Dowels (2nd Series)
    Now Only €36.00 Regular Price €40.00
  48. Front Terminals Doors Channels
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  49. Gear Higher Cowling
    Now Only €19.82 Regular Price €22.02
  50. Gear Higher Vinyl Cowling Rings
    Now Only €8.10 Regular Price €9.00
  51. Gear Lower Rubber Cowling
    Now Only €10.82 Regular Price €12.02
  52. Guarnizione convogliatore presa aria
    Now Only €27.90 Regular Price €31.00
  53. Guarnizione filtro benzina "Malpassi"
    Now Only €12.60 Regular Price €14.00
  54. Guarnizione interna bianca fanali posteriori - Modello GT 1300 - 1600
    Now Only €36.00 Regular Price €40.00
  55. Guarnizione sede albero distribuzione
    Now Only €1.48 Regular Price €1.64
  56. Guarnizione supporto fanalino luce retromarcia
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  57. Guarnizioni fanalini di posizione - Modello 1^ Serie
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  58. Handbrake Cable Rubber Cowling (ATE Model)
    Now Only €27.90 Regular Price €31.00
  59. Handbrake Cowling (1750-2000)
    Now Only €55.80 Regular Price €62.00
  60. Headlight Gaskets On Bumper (1750 1st Series)
    Now Only €16.20 Regular Price €18.00
  61. Headlight Grommet And Cowling
    Now Only €21.60 Regular Price €24.00
  62. Headlights Gaskets On Bumper (2nd Series)
    Now Only €16.20 Regular Price €18.00
  63. Headlights Inner White Gaskets
    Now Only €13.50 Regular Price €15.00
  64. Headlights Rubber Seals
    Now Only €38.70 Regular Price €43.00
  65. Headlights Rubber Seals
    Now Only €18.90 Regular Price €21.00
  66. Heating Aluminum Valve Membrane
    Now Only €12.60 Regular Price €14.00
  67. Heating Tube (GT 2000)
    Now Only €119.70 Regular Price €133.00
  68. Heating Tube Gasket (1st Series)
    Now Only €14.40 Regular Price €16.00
  69. Heating Tube Gasket (2nd Series)
    Now Only €9.00 Regular Price €10.00
  70. Heating Tube, Starter And Mileage Fairlead Grommets (2nd Series)
    Now Only €14.40 Regular Price €16.00
  71. Heating Tubes Bellows Joints
    Now Only €42.30 Regular Price €47.00
  72. Left Door Gaskets On Body
    Now Only €85.50 Regular Price €95.00
  73. Manicotto filtro aria al carburatore
    Now Only €43.22 Regular Price €48.02
  74. Mileage Fairlead Grommet (1st Series)
    Now Only €9.00 Regular Price €10.00
  75. Mudguards Rubbers Bulkhead
    Now Only €37.80 Regular Price €42.00
  76. Number Plate Electric Wire Grommet (Trunk Platform)
    Now Only €8.10 Regular Price €9.00
  77. Number Plate Lamp Gasket (2nd Series)
    Now Only €8.10 Regular Price €9.00
  78. Pedal Caps (Low Pedals Model)
    Now Only €14.40 Regular Price €16.00
  79. Plug For Floor Holes
    Now Only €6.30 Regular Price €7.00
  80. Radiator Lateral Rubber Profile
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  81. Radiator Support
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  82. Rear Bushings Support Torsion Bar
    Now Only €18.00 Regular Price €20.00
  83. Rear Lights Rubber Seals
    Now Only €25.20 Regular Price €28.00
  84. Rear Lights Rubber Seals
    Now Only €21.60 Regular Price €24.00
  85. Rear Lights Rubber Seals (1750)
    Now Only €25.20 Regular Price €28.00
  86. Rear Shock Absorbers Cowling Protections
    Now Only €36.00 Regular Price €40.00
  87. Rear Suspension Bushings Upper Triangle
    Now Only €8.16 Regular Price €9.07
  88. Rear Terminals Doors Channels
    Now Only €24.30 Regular Price €27.00
  89. Rear Tunnel Rubber Dowels (2nd Series)
    Now Only €48.60 Regular Price €54.00
  90. Rear Tunnel Rubber Stoppage Dowels GTA
    Now Only €95.40 Regular Price €106.00
  91. Rear Window Gasket
    Now Only €98.10 Regular Price €109.00
  92. Rectangular Upper Pads Front Suspension
    Now Only €24.30 Regular Price €27.00
  93. Reverse Light Cowling (GT 1300-1600-1750)
    Now Only €6.30 Regular Price €7.00
  94. Reverse Light Gasket
    Now Only €9.00 Regular Price €10.00
  95. Right Door Gasket On Body (1 pc)
    Now Only €85.50 Regular Price €95.00
  96. Shock Absorbers Front Springs Rubber Rings Protections
    Now Only €63.90 Regular Price €71.00
  97. Shock Absorbers Rear Springs Rings Protections
    Now Only €32.40 Regular Price €36.00
  98. Side Blinkers Light Cowlings
    Now Only €12.60 Regular Price €14.00
  99. Side Heating Tubes (GT 1300-1600)
    Now Only €85.50 Regular Price €95.00
  100. Sliding Channel Window Gaskets
    Now Only €36.00 Regular Price €40.00
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