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About Us

Elvezio Esposito, headquartered in Cosenza, Calabria, is a company devoted to the restoration of passenger compartment of vintage cars.


Elvezio becomes apprentice to an experienced handcrafter from Cosenza: Faustino Florio, who was very popular for his horse leather saddles. The restoration of seats begins with the invention of the car. “Mastro” (Master) Faustino starts to repair modern compartments of cars the time. In this context Elvezio begins his carrier restoring cars. In his day to day tasks consisted of the production and restoration of interiors for cars such as the Fiat Balilla and Topolino, Lancia Appia and Aurelia, and Alfa Romeo from the ´40s.


Elvezio starts his own business in Cosenza. Well known for his great skill in crafting quality leather and all types of fabric, for his love for detail and precision, he became very important to all fans and collectors of vintage cars. Elvezio is not only expert in restoring vintage cars, he is also appreciated for his production of modern couches as well as his ability to restore vintage couches. Even if successful with this production, Elvezio prefers to dedicate himself and his business to his true passion: the production and restoration of all fabric parts of Vintage Cars.


Elvezio moves. The new shop is bigger and it’s possible to restore more cars at the same time with better tools and all kind of fabrics. Elvezio starts to produce upholsteries and other parts for vintage cars ready to be shipped and installed all around the world.


With 60 years of working experience on Vintage Cars, Elvezio Classic Car Interiors is the specialist to buy original handcrafted products to restore your car. For the production we use the best and closest materials to the original “old timer” fabrics are used for production. Our products are approved by A.S.I